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Volume Eight - Under construction

Volume Eight was originally intended to feature space stations from the various Star Trek series and movies, with Volume Nine focusing on the Kelvin timeline.

Update: 12th April 2018 - Yes, Volume Eight disappeared into mothballs - sorry! I will hopefully finish it at some point - it’s not dead! - but I’m afraid I can’t put a time limit on this for now.  Thanks and apologies to everyone who’s enquired about it. Hopefully it will make an appearance in due course.

I’m also still collecting orthographic views and information on ships from the Star Trek ‘Kelvin-timeline’ movies - thanks to everyone who’s sent links and images for this, your help and support has been much appreciated!  As things currently stand, a shortage of specs and information about the vessels from the movie are holding this volume back.  More recently, the arrival of Star Trek Discovery has brought with it a plethora of new starship designs, and it would be great to include these in a volume, perhaps alongside the Kelvin timeline designs.  If suitable orthographics and specs become available then I’d love to put this together!

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