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Volume Five - 22nd Century Vessels

Volume Five includes specifications and orthographic views for nineteen vessels from the 22nd Century - i.e. Star Trek: Enterprise.  (N.B. The Earth NX-class (Enterprise), Neptune/NV-class (Intrepid) and Iceland-class (warp delta) are featured with the other Starfleet vessels in Volumes One and Two).

I’ve included two versions of Volume Five.  The standard version features greyscale orthographic views of meshes where traditional schematics have been unavailable, for consistency and clarity. The second ‘special edition’ has colour orthographics where available, in particular courtesy of Animaniac.

Download Volume Five PDF (6.8 Mb)

Last updated: 24th October 2011 - Version 1.12

Download Volume Five Special Edition PDF zip file (4.2 Mb)

Last updated: 17th February 2009 - Version 1.05

Earth J Class
Earth Y Class
Vulcan Maymora Class (D’Kyr)
Vulcan Surak Class
Vulcan Vahklas Class
Andorian Kumari Class
Klingon Early Bird of Prey
Klingon D4 Class
Klingon D5 Class
Klingon Raptor Class
Romulan Early Bird of Prey
Romulan Drone
Tholian Warship
Suliban Short Cell Ship
Suliban Long Cell Ship
Suliban Salvage Ship
Suliban Stealth Cruiser
Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser
Insectoid Warship/Sphere Builder Pod
Size Comparison Chart

Vessels included in Volume Five:

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