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31st March 2019 - I’m excited and honoured to once again be hosting panels at Sci-Fi Scarborough on 6th and 7th April. Follow the link above or the banners to find out more about this year’s events and guests!

Welcome to Star Trek Starship Handbooks!

I’ve been waiting for years for someone to produce the definitive book on the starships of Star Trek. So with the wealth of data and images collected and compiled by fans on the web, I decided to try put something together myself. What you'll find on this site are ebooks in PDF format containing data and schematics on various vessels from the Star Trek series and movies, culled and collated from around the web.

Volumes One to Seven can be downloaded from the links on the left.

Volume One - Major Starfleet Vessels

Volume Two - Other Starfleet Vessels

Volume Three - Alpha & Beta Quadrant Vessels

Volume Four - Gamma & Delta Quadrant Vessels

Volume Five - 22nd Century Vessels

Volume Six - Starfleet Auxiliary Vessels

Volume Seven - Supplemental

Volume Eight - Under construction

A combined version, The Starship Handbook, containing all the ships from the individual volumes together in one 322 page ebook can be downloaded from the Combined link on the left.

A full list of sources used is included in the bibliography of each ebook, and the links are all well worth checking out. I’ve endeavoured to contact as many owners of the images and schematics used as possible to ask permission to use them. If I’ve used your image and haven’t managed to reach you, or I’ve not credited you, my apologies - please contact me.

This project is intended to be a resource and reference for other Trek fans - as well as a showcase for the excellent work of both the talented designers and modellers involved with the Star Trek series, and the artists out there who've created the schematics and renderings.


Mark Gill

All content, unless otherwise credited or noted, © Mark Gill 2004-2017. The images and references used in the PDFs on this site are credited in the respective Bibliography pages. All rights reserved. Star Trek™ and many related terms are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures, Inc and CBS Studios Inc.

Star Trek Starship Handbooks is a non-profit site created by a Star Trek fan for fellow fans, for fun and reference. No copyright infringement is intended. If you have any queries, or I have not credited you, please contact me.

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