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Volume Two - Other Starfleet Vessels

This second ebook includes specifications and schematics for nineteen more Starfleet starship designs. This volume features many of the ‘kitbashed’ designs, as well as some bespoke models and CGI meshes omitted from Volume One. All designs are canon, though due to limited official information on the more obscure classes some data and names are speculative.  Additionally some vessels only have two schematic views available.

Download Volume Two PDF (4.8 Mb)

Last updated: 24th October 2011 - Version 1.48

Aerie Class (S.S. Raven)
Centaur Class
Challenger Class
Cheyenne Class
Daedalus Class
Excelsior Refit
Freedom Class
Iceland Class (Warp Delta)
New Orleans Class
Niagara Class
Norway Class
NV Class (Intrepid)
Olympic Class
Saladin/Hermes Class
Shelley Class (U.S.S. Curry)
Soyuz Class
Springfield Class
Sydney Class
Talon Class (Mission Scout)
Size Comparison Chart

Vessels included in Volume Two:

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