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Volume Seven - Supplemental

Volume Seven features nineteen additional vessels which didn’t make it into the previous volumes.  The list of ships changed several times, and there are still many notable vessels which I couldn’t fit into this volume - these will hopefully be featured in a second supplemental pdf  - but I’ve tried to include a good balance to supplement the previous volumes.

Once again, all the image sources used are listed on the Bibliography page at the back, with links to websites used as reference sources - please check them out.

Many thanks once again to everyone who’s kindly granted permission for their images to be used.  Thanks also to Harry Doddema of Titan Fleet Yards, who kindly shared his excellent S.S. Enterprise XCV-330 schematics - I’ve left these for a future ebook to get a good balance of ships in this volume.

Download Volume Seven PDF (5.4 Mb)

Last updated: 24th October 2011 - Version 1.01

Work Bee
Maquis Raider (Ju’day-class)
Vulcan Apollo-class
Vulcan T’Plana Hath-class
Son’a Battleship
Son’a Command Ship
Hirogen Venatic-class
Vidiian Cruiser
Voth City Ship
Size Comparison Chart
DY-100 Class
NX Prototype
Federation Tug
Inspection Pod
Travel Pod

Vessels included in Volume Seven:

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