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The Starship Handbook (Combined version)

Here, finally, is the full combined Starship Handbook, containing all the ships from Volumes One to Seven in a single pdf, plus extras.  The vessels have been re-grouped by affiliation, and are listed in alphabetical order for ease of use. There are over 130 starships and auxiliary vessels featured, with colour sideviews, specs, canon ship listings, and orthographics of each.

As with the individual volumes, all the reference materials and image sources used are listed in the Bibliography pages at the back, with links to websites used as reference sources - please check them out.

Many thanks to everyone who’s kindly granted permission for their images to be used.  In particular once again I’d like to thank Bernd Schneider for his sideviews and excellent starship database at Ex Astris Scientia; Graham Kennedy, whose outstanding specs at the Daystrom Institute Technical Library are an invaluable reference; Jim Stevenson at the Starship Schematic Database and Thomas Schmid at the Neutral Zone Starship Database; VFX gurus Doug Drexler and John Eaves, who have shared views and information on some of the more obscure vessels from Trek on their blogs; everyone at Memory Alpha and Memory Beta, the definitive online Trek reference sources; and Rob Hamilton, whose extensive research has been a great reference again.

N.B. Unless major new  information becomes available, the current versions of Volumes One to Seven will no longer be updated - any updates will be applied instead to this combined version (plus future individual volumes).

This is the Star Trek book I always wanted, and the culmination of six years’ work - I hope you enjoy it too!  If so, please let me know.

Download the Starship Handbook (31.3 Mb)

Last updated: 4th May 2014 - Version 1.05

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