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Volume One - Major Starfleet Vessels

This first volume features specifications and schematics for nineteen of the most well-known starship classes of Starfleet.  As far as possible canon data has been used, or otherwise the most generally accepted information available.  All vessels included in this volume have had at least two appearances in episodes or movies, and four schematic views available.

Download Volume One PDF (4.5 Mb)

Last updated: 24th October 2011 - Version 1.90

Akira Class
Ambassador Class
Constellation Class
Constitution Class
Constitution Refit
Danube Class
Defiant Class
Excelsior Class
Galaxy Class
Intrepid Class
Miranda Class
Nebula Class
Nova Class
NX Class
Oberth Class
Prometheus Class
Saber Class
Sovereign Class
Steamrunner Class
Size Comparison Chart

Vessels included in Volume One:

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