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Volume Six - Starfleet Auxiliary Vessels


Volume Six features nineteen Starfleet Auxiliary Vessels (i.e. Shuttlecraft and the like).  The final vessel list is below - the odd ship out which I dropped from the original list is the Galaxy Captain’s Yacht, as virtually no images of it are available (and it never featured in any episode or movie).  It may yet appear (along with other vessels like the Work Bee and the Travel Pod) in Volume Seven.


There is quite a lot of conflicting data around about shuttlecraft specs, so I’ve tried to collate and distill the information as best I can, based on what we’ve seen in the show, and what was intended by the designers.


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Last updated: 24th October 2011 - Version 1.02


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Aeroshuttle (Voyager)
Argo Transport Shuttle (Nemesis)
Atai Long Range Shuttle (ST:TMP)
Class F Shuttlecraft (Original Series)
Delta Flyer
Executive Shuttle
Mission Scout Ship (Insurrection)
Peregrine-Class Fighter
Type-1 Shuttlepod (Enterprise NX-01)
Type-3 Shuttlecraft (Star Trek V)
Type-6 Shuttlecraft (Next Gen)
Type-7 Shuttlecraft (Next Gen)
Type-8 Shuttlecraft (Voyager)
Type-9 Shuttlecraft (Voyager)
Type-10 Shuttlecraft (Defiant)
Type-11 Shuttlecraft (Insurrection)
Type-15 Shuttlepod (Next Gen)
Type-18 Shuttlepod (Defiant)
Sovereign-Class Captain’s Yacht
Size Comparison Chart

Vessels included in Volume Six:

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